Your momma so fat jokes


Yo mama so fat she uses the asteroid belt to hold her weight 3 w5221 • 22 days ago Your mama so fat when she died they cremated her and Europe had to cancel flights 3 speculatrix • 22 days ago Yo mama so fat, when she went swimming at the beach, she got chased by a Japanese whaling ship 2 [deleted] • 22 days ago 1 BrotherJudas • 22 days ago. Yo momma so fat when she sat on a penny and Abraham Lincolin said ouch. Yo mama so fat when she sits around the house, she SITS AROUND THE HOUSE! Yo mama so fat the only way she burns calories is when her food catches on fire Yo mama so fat she entered the Hunger Games and won all 75 of them Yo mama so fat she's the reason African kids are starving.

7. Yo mama so fat, Donald Trump used her as the border wall; 8. Yo mamma so fat when she goes swimming the whales start singing "We are Family." 9. Yo mama so fat you have to grease the door frame and hold a twinkie on the other side just to get her through. 10. Yo mama so fat she put on her lipstick with a paint roller..




They’re waiting for you just a bit further down, and once you are done reading these silly jokes, be sure to vote for the best ones. Also, share this article with anyone but your mom! #1 Yo mama's so fat, when God said, “Let there be light,” he asked her to move out of the way. Report 22 points POST Dachshunds #1. Yo mama is so fat, that the National Weather Service names each of her farts. Yo momma is so fat, when she got on the scale it said, “I need your weight, not your phone number.”. Yo momma so fat, she can’t reach her back pocket. Yo mama so fat, when she died, she broke the stairway to heaven..

Famine. Two guys were walking down two different streets. They meet each other at an intersection and look at each other intently. Fat man to the other: Seems like someone's been.

Your momma's so fat, she's like the negative cosine of X... They both go down after pi upvote downvote report Your momma's so fat... she doesn't go back for seconds, she goes back for hours. upvote downvote report Your mommas so poor I saw her walking down the street with one shoe. I said "hey you lost a shoe". She said "na I found one".